Covid-19 Changes

We just wanted to let you know of a few changes we have made given the situation with Covid-19.

We have decided to stay open until otherwise advised given the low volume of clients we have in work at any one time.

  • Between each treatment, we will now be sterilising the surfaces (including soft furnishing) that each client comes into contact with. This will include pens, card reader, clip boards, etc. This will be done in both the treatment and waiting rooms.
  • We are no longer doing any massage on the upper body, or any body work which requires clients to lie face down on the plinth.
  • We are not using acupuncture points on the upper part of the body apart from the lower arms and abdomen.
  • We will be increasing the distance between the chairs in the treatment room to the required 1 ½ meters.
  • We will no longer be taking tongue diagnosis. Where it is necessary to take the pulse, we will be sterilising our hands both before and after taking it.

If you have any concerns or questions about any of the above, feel free to contact John (085 272 4889) or Susan (085 151 0929).