“As every client is unique,
every treatment is unique.”


Pain and discomfort are messages from the body telling us something is wrong.

As holistic practitioners, we take the time to listen and help you understand these messages, which brings clarity to the root cause of your complaint. Our passion is in helping you understand your ailment and supporting you towards recovery.

John and Susan are a husband and wife team, with three young children.

John has a great understanding of the stresses of the work place, having worked with tight deadlines and long hours in the corporate environment, and balancing this with caring for his family. He studied Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at the renowned and innovative Shanghai Acupuncture College, passing his exams with a distinction. His passion is in helping apply the ancient practices of acupuncture to our fast paced modern life. John is also known to cook a mean Chana Masala (chickpea curry)!

Susan became committed to holistic therapies when she experienced their effectiveness in treating a chronic condition she suffered, where conventional medicine had been unsuccessful. This insight, combined with Susan’s confidence in her skills, makes her very present and committed to genuinely healing her clients. Susan started her studies in Senior College Dun Laoghaire, qualifying with distinctions in Holistic Therapies, before moving on to study Herbal Remedies with the highly respected Bach Foundation. Susan is renowned for her delicious Sticky Toffee Puddings, which follow John’s Chana Masala perfectly!
by John Staunton