4 Simple Tips to find the Best Acupuncturist

Are you having a hard time finding a really good acupuncturist?

When I first went for acupuncture many years ago, I chose the acupuncturist partly because he was recommended, but mainly because he had a Chinese sounding name. It turned out his name was Scottish! I was lucky that he was good at the job, and whetted my appetite for Chinese medicine, even if he wasn’t a wise, old Chinese man with a long white mustache!

Without a recommendation, it can be difficult to know if an acupuncturist is worth visiting. But don’t worry, after reading these 4 simple tips, you will understand how to finding a great acupuncturist.

Why is it hard to find a good acupuncturist?

Clients sometimes phone us asking which treatment is best for their condition. They are often surprised when we tell them that the treatment method isn’t important, it’s the practitioner that makes the difference!

Someone who is good at their job will get good results, in any profession. So we should try to find someone who gets results, rather than focusing on the treatment method.

So, now for the juicy bit! 

  1. Location

    Most importantly, you need an acupuncture clinic that is open at times that suit, and is located somewhere convenient.

    When looking for a good acupuncturist, it may seem contradictory to say location is the most important, but if it takes an hour or two to get to an acupuncture clinic, then it becomes impractical to fit treatments into an already busy schedule.

  2. Recommendation

    Ask friends and family if they know of an acupuncturist who has treated clients successfully. A quick and easy way to do this is ask online, whether on social media, or on a forum for a specific illness or disorder.

    Remember, it’s the therapist that is important, not the therapy. So if you were thinking of acupuncture, and someone recommends a reflexologist, give the reflexology a go.

    Don’t be afraid to ask your GP. Many GP’s are quite open to alternative therapies and can often refer you onto a good local practitioner. We get referrals from several local GP’s to our Naas acupuncture clinic.

  3. Talk to an Acupuncturist

    Once you have an acupuncturist in mind, it’s important to phone them and have a chat. This is to gauge whether they are interested in you and your condition, and are confident they can help.

    Someone who is confident and keen to help will take the time to talk, and will make sure they can actually help before booking someone in. Get the feel for whether they are genuinely interested in treating your condition.

  4. Cost

    An expensive acupuncturist isn’t necessarily a good acupuncturist. I know of some excellent acupuncturists who charge a modest fee.

    In saying that, be cautious of discounts. An effective acupuncturist will get most of their clients through recommendations and referrals, so will rarely have the need to offer promotional discounts.

What have you found most important when choosing a therapist? We’d love to hear your tips.

If you would like to know a little bit about acupuncture, just follow this link: https://stauntonsholistic.ie/acupuncture/


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