Fertility Acupuncture

Trying for a baby can be quite upsetting if conception and pregnancy aren’t going as easily as hoped. Our acupuncturist, John, has much experience in helping couples deal not only with the physical issues, but also the emotional weight of infertility and recurrent miscarriage. He has experienced first hand the ups and downs of trying for a baby and coping with miscarriage, as well as the joys of parenthood.

These experiences have lead John to specialise in fertility acupuncture. He has trained in both the traditional and modern approaches to fertility acupuncture, having completed comprehensive fertility courses at the innovative and renowned Shanghai Acupuncture College.

Success Stories:

John is a fantastic acupuncturist with a friendly and professional manner that always makes you feel at ease during treatments. We had been trying for a baby for over 2 years and having lost a baby to miscarriage during the first trimester last year, some close friends and our family doctor recommended acupuncture. From my very first treatment I have felt the benefits and always leave feeling relaxed and de-stressed.  John tailored each session according to our needs at the particular time of each cycle and our new addition is due to arrive later this year – we couldn’t be happier!
R.F. – Dublin

I began acupuncture sessions because I had heard how it can be very helpful for fertility, and I fell pregnant after the first month. I cannot recommend it enough, very relaxing and John is very thorough in his approach.
Anonymous – Dublin

How effective is Acupuncture for fertility issues:

The main reason that fertility acupuncture has become so popular in recent years is down to it’s effectiveness. Much of the modern research has proven how successful fertility acupuncture can be:

  •  IVF acupuncture doubles the chances of embryo implantation and ongoing pregnancy. [1]
  • Male Infertility – acupuncture increases sperm quality and motility. [2][3]
  • Hormonal Imbalances – acupuncture balances fertility hormones, increasing beta-endorphines and regulating FSH and LH. [4]
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – acupuncture has been shown to more than double the frequency of periods, creating more opportunities to conceive. Acupuncture reduces the number of ovarian cysts, stimulates ovulation, and regulates the menstrual cycle. [5][6]
  • Increases blood flow to the reproductive organs – acupuncture increases blood flow to the ovaries, creating a rich environment for ovarian follicles to develop. Acupuncture also increases blood flow to the uterus, which improves the endometrial lining and creates a better chance of implantation.[6][4]

What is an Acupuncture treatment like:

On your first visit with John, you sit down with a warm drink, and go through the symptoms relating to your fertility issue. John will lead this by asking focused questions on many aspects of your life, to gain a good understanding of the issues which affect your fertility. This usually takes from 30 minutes to an hour.

Once he has come to a diagnosis, he  will develop a treatment plan with you, and give the first fertility acupuncture treatment. The actual acupuncture treatment lasts for 20-30 minutes.

On each visit, John will go through your progress and any issues you have had, and adjust the acupuncture treatment to keep things on track. To find out more about acupuncture, click here.

How often are fertility acupuncture treatments needed:

Typically, treatments are received once a week, and for IVF, it is quite important to receive a treatment on the day of transfer, shortly before the procedure. It can sometimes be necessary to have treatments more than once a week, but this is uncommon.

Can fertility acupuncture be used while receiving treatments from a fertility clinic / GP?

Although fertility acupuncture can be used to help natural conception, it is often used to compliment pharmacology or treatments received from a fertility clinic. John has much experience working with other fertility specialists to help you through each stage of the process.

How much is a fertility acupuncture treatment:

Acupuncture treatment: (45 mins)        €70

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