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una hearneSusan is my secret weapon. I deal with the stress and a crazy workload like a lot of people and the reason I am on my feet, doing quality work and still smiling, is because of Susan’s magic hands.

I get a back, neck and shoulder massage followed by reflexology (‘The Works’) once a month and it makes a huge difference to my level of health and well-being. I consider it a need, not a want; as important as food and sleep in self-care, and my self-care impacts directly on my clients and customers, so the benefits ripple out.

Una Hearne  (Career Coach and Trainer), Dublin

I cannot recommend Staunton Holistic Healthcare more highly. John is a fantastic acupuncturist with a friendly and profesional manner which always makes you feel at ease during treatments. From my very first treatment I have felt the benefits and always leave feeling relaxed and de-stressed

– Rachael, Dublin

I would highly recommend John for  fertility acupuncture. I was delighted to get a positive pregnancy test after my acupuncture treatments and some lifestyle changes.

From my first appointment John really made an effort to get to know me and my lifestyle, carefully explained what he was doing and what I should expect afterwards and then let me relax while the treatment took place. John reassured me at every stage and explained what his plan was for my treatments.

–  Anon, Kildare

I began acupuncture sessions because I had heard how it can be very helpful for fertility, and I fell pregnant after the first month. I cannot recommend it enough, very relaxing and John is very thorough in his approach

– Anon, Dublin